A month later

Last month I posted about not posting and about being a failure in life.

Well, this month, although I haven't gotten a job and I'm extremely stressed about tuition and textbooks for next year, I've accomplished something.

This month I've take NLS (twice), AWSI and WSI. With this, I can be a lifeguard and teach swimming lessons, if I get hired.

I continuously say " I will..." do this and "I will..." do that, now I should start saying " I am.." and kick myself in the arse to actually go and DO something. Why is it that I have never fully learned and realized (and taken to heart) that having been what I have been all these years (starting somewhere in high school) that nothing comes out of doing nothing.

I may be late for a lot of things, but at least I'm ready to start.

360 degree turns

Well...I'm looking at this space and realized my last entry was about 3 years ago. I've actually got a lot to say but I don't know how to put them into sentences that doesn't become meaningless ranting.

I guess I really want to change. The "me" right now is in every aspect, a failure, so I want to do something or be something or just...change.

I also came up with the idea to draw a manga (one of these days) but since I'm actually trying to do something about it I guess I can write the story out here and feel productive.

Another goal I want to reach for is to sign up for Artist Alley at Anime Evolution in 2012. I've got a friend who will help me attract customers with her awesome (secret) cosplay so if I do pick up the courage to do this I need to discipline myself.

Ringo Figure

My friend and I recently bought a set of Air Gear gashapon that we've split. 

Because we both aren't great fans of fanservice of any kind we've decided to sell this one. 

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: )

Figures for sale!


Here's some stuff I'm selling. I'm not shipping anything so this is for anyone living in Vancouver B.C. (Burnaby, and Richmond too) I'm doing this because I dont know how to ship items anywhere, there will be no shipping fee's, and you will get your items for sure. (I also dont have paypal.) Have a look please, maybe you know someone around where I live and think they'd like something from here. :) 

If there's something you want comment here or email me at crystalblue_magician @ and we will discuss about meeting at/in some big location or somewhere. 

Thanks :) 

~Air gear 
~Gundam Seed Destiny
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february, 19, 2006

Ill be posting useless information that only I need to use to keep track of my stuff.


Heroine 6

Haro ball figure

Chara fortune Destiny
-Shinn ( red eyes)



Christmas is great especially b/c the gundam seed destiny final plus :)

but christmas eve wasnt so great...there was a black out in the area of my really was a silent tv,no computer...

what a memorable christmas eve it was



i created a deviantart account ( not like anyone knows/cares) just saying it so anyone going there can check out what ive got.

if youre in a bad mood you could go there and critisize my drawings, they were made for it. really.

see ya there!



well now that ive finished looking at my email. my picture for the fma contest is submitted !!!!

well i did wait for 2-3 days....its fy first sent for a contest. second to be send into viewing....

have a look ppl its called "i'm ready" ....ccsketch...ya nayway i've got another in the original section...should be tsubasa but i dont think they have a section for it so they ut it into original..HE IS NOT MY ORIGINAL. IT WAS CLAMP's!!!!!

its at

i did it again and didnt put the exact link: and